Monday, December 29, 2008

Chapter 50: The Magic Phrase

Mike and Johnny were discussing the Wonder Twins ability.

"Hey, do you think we have a power like that?" Johnny asked.

"You mean a totally useless one?"

"No, I know we have those," Johnny replied, as Mike was now wearing Mickey Mouse ears. "I mean a power that we can't use unless we are both around."

"I don't know, let's try!" Mike said.

"So, how do we test it out?"

"Well, the Wonder Twins say, 'Wonder Twin powers activate!', but we are not Wonder Twins."

"Or losers. What if we say, 'Sniggity snap - it's time for a clap!', and then we clap our hands?" Johnny suggested.

"I thought you said we weren't losers."

The fox shook his head.

"Stench man!" The two shouted at fox simultaneously. Then they high-fived each other for their cleverness. The fox stopped shaking his head midshake, his head facing left.

"What, do you see something?" Mike asked. The fox remained motionless. A few seconds later. He spoke.

"What the heck did you guys do to me? I was frozen there."

"Really?" Johnny said. "Our magic phrase is "Stench man"?"

"Our father will be so proud!"

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  1. What a wonderful magic phrase! Amazing no one else has found the power of "Stench man." What father woundn't be proud. It brings tears to my eyes.