Friday, December 5, 2008

The Mighty Bulwark

Thankgiving was a week ago yesterday, and our Game Time involved renaming the holiday. After Votecasting Day, we have a winner: Max, for his answer Thankstaking. Congrats, Max, for back-to-back wins.

Earlier in the week, Mike talked about the word "bulwark" and how it came about. Since Mike just made up his word origin, you can do the same.

Write a word origin for the word "bulwark."

Remember, a bulwark is a person, thing, or concept that is a defense or protection. Give us your word origins in the comments.


  1. The Wark was a protective helmet used to keep people safe from wild animals. It was most commonly used against Bulls. Bull Wark.

  2. the bulwark is a species of bird. Each flock of birds has a lookout, who sings a song of warning when an enemy is near. so, the bulwark warns its friends of danger so they can all fly to safety.

  3. bulwark - origin: Viscount Samuel Bulwark was a member British House of Lords in the mid 1600's. He initiated legislation that allowed citizens to build fences around thier house if they lived in the city. Hence, a bulwark became known as something that protects.