Friday, December 12, 2008

Jimbo, Jambo, Jumbo

Last week, after reading up on the word "bulwark," Mike decided to come up with the origin of that strange word. Then it was your turn and after the voting, it turns out Sam won with his origin:
Viscount Samuel Bulwark was a member British House of Lords in the mid 1600’s. He initiated legislation that allowed citizens to build fences around thier house if they lived in the city. Hence, a bulwark became known as something that protects.

This week, we've been talking a lot about kids' names, namely the name Jimbo, the name Jambo, and the name Jumbo. We both gave some reasons to name our children that, and now it's your turn.

Why would you name your kids Jimbo, Jambo, and Jumbo?

Tell us in the comments.


  1. I would name my kids Jimbo, Jambo, and Jumbo if I was a moron.

  2. I'd do it if my last name was Rama.