Monday, December 1, 2008

Chapter 46: The First Entrance

The fox led the two brothers up to the roof. The only difference from the last time they had been up there was a ramp, reminiscent of a skateboard ramp. It was aligned with the shorter end against the edge of the roof, so that if you wanted to use the skateboard ramp, you would have to be floating.

"Um, this looks the same," Mike said. "Except the ramp of death over there."

"For many, a ramp of death," the fox replied. "But for a speed demon..."

"A ramp of life!" Johnny said.

"No, just a ramp," said the fox.

"How does it work?"

"Stand there, and then start using your super speed."

"Won't I smash into the ground?"

"I put another ramp down there."

"Oh!" Johnny exclaimed. "Like in Mario!"

"Alright! Do I have to put my arms out to my side like he does?"

"Yes!" said Johnny.

"No," said the fox.

"But can I?"

The fox rolled his eyes. "Sure."

And with that, Mike stood up on the ramp, stretched his arms out, and started to run. Johnny and the fox watched as he went over the side of the warehouse. They then moved to the edge and peered down. They saw Mike looking back up at them. He was giving the thumbs up.

"Alright!" said the fox. "I am awesome!"

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